Day 1 – The SEO community in Bulgaria is with us

Today we went live and shared the Bulgarian version of the website on social media.

Most of Bulgaria’s top SEO-s, led by Ognian Mladenov either endorsed us directly or said our point of view is of notable value. We had some support also from people in online advertising, that really meant a lot, considering AdBlock is hurting their profits, even if it is a tiny bit. We also got some normal hate from people, who hate SEO in general, because they don’t understand it, but that was completely expected.

We got a lot of messages from people Google hurt in the past. SEO-s want to live together, rather than die alone, and this makes us proud.

In general, the support was overwhelming :) We had about 1700 visits and a lot of comments and social buzz. It’s amazing to watch how people share and discuss our message without any action from our side to make them do it.

Everything was so natural! Thank you friends! Love you Bulgaria :) 

Even though I didn’t urge Bulgarians to install AdBlock themselves, because the global viral effect of our message is much more important, some of them did anyway. I estimate between 50 and 100 people today added AdBlock plugins to their browsers and said “Goodbye” to Youtube pre-rolls :)

The #CrowdDefunding has started!

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